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Artist - Teacher - Life-Long Learner

Rachel Elizabeth Lane is an artist based in Denver, Colorado. Her background in studio art, film production and teaching has provided her many wonderful opportunities to connect and grow with others through creative communication. She earned her BA in studio art from the University of Virginia, where she concentrated her art practice in painting, cinematography and new media. She received her MFA in film, video, animation and new genres from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she had the opportunity to teach eleven film production courses as film department faculty after graduating. As an experimental filmmaker, storyteller, illustrator, musician, teacher and life-long learner, Rachel is passionate about creating content that she hopes will inspire positive growth and individual empowerment in the art world, media industry and everywhere KidLit.


Rachel's most recent creative pursuits navigate play structures and operations as springboards for exercising intellectual growth, creative self-expression and humanizing connection.